Why is "Holistic" Nutritional Consulting important?

Holistic Nutritional Consulting is important because it includes the Spirt, Mind, and Body, which looks at root issues behind symptoms presented by focusing on diet, history, environment, and lifestyle, among many other issues.


Are Holistic Nutritional Consulting services covered by insurance?

Holistic Nutritional Consultant’s services are covered by some insurance companies. Please check the copy of your benefits or confirm with your HR department that you are covered. If you aren’t covered for Holistic Nutritional Consultants and you would like to be, you can contact your Human Resources department in writing and request for nutrition services to be added to your company’s extended insurance plan.


Why Choose a CSNN Graduate?

Students graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) are dedicated holistic nutrition professionals who educate individuals about the health benefits of natural nutrition; since each person has a unique bio-chemistry, each person has unique nutritional requirements. Holistic nutrition specially combines modern science and time-tested wisdom based on the philosophy that each person has unique nutritional requirements. An integral part of the studies is the connection between body, mind, and spirit; the program aims to enlighten in a broad way about the effects of life experiences and circumstances on health.


What can I expect from a Holistic Nutritional Consultation?

I evaluate clients’ nutritional needs by identifying symptoms that indicate health imbalances. Then I provide individualized health plans to include nutrient-dense whole foods, lifestyle recommendations and high-quality supplements to help bring health back to a state of equilibrium. I assess clients’ state of health through one-on-one consultations and detailed questionnaires to provide health and lifestyle recommendations tailored to the clients' needs. Self-responsibility is encouraged by empowering clients through personalized and recommended information. 

What payment options are available?
Payment options include email money transfer, debit card and all major credit cards using Square.


What is PTT?
The Picture Tapping Technique is a therapeutic intervention technique that combines Art Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques. It also includes the power of metaphor and the imagination to release problems effectively, gently and indirectly. It is particularly effective when the issues are global or seem very complex. 

There is no need to talk endlessly about the issues which may be difficult to express verbally or re-live traumatic events from the past, and it's very beneficial to release long-held limiting beliefs. While Basic Emotional Freedom Technique asks us to get as specific as possible about our issues, Picture Tapping Technique is effective with more general problems.

The Picture Tapping Technique is easy to learn and use. It allows a natural release, and by working through as many pictures as necessary, you arrive at resolution - an excellent tool for children and adults. The pictures are not evaluated or discussed or interpreted in any way. The practitioner does not even have to be aware of what the issue is for the client. PTT does not replace EFT; however, it is less traumatic for the client in certain situations. Sometimes, faster resolution can be achieved when the issues are global or when the client doesn’t want to talk or even think about their issues directly.

Is Picture Tapping Technique Safe? 
PTT is perfectly safe and gentle. It uses the power of metaphor and imagination to reach gently but deeply into the psyche; this is a very secure and private process.

Do I Have to Have Artistic Abilities?
No. Anyone that can hold a pen, pencil, coloured pencils, markers or crayons can do it. The pictures drawn can range from stick people and random shapes to more detailed drawings. The Picture Tapping Technique is not about making art but using images to express what you are currently feeling about an issue and then using tapping to clear the charge.

What can Picture Tapping Technique be used for? 
PTT can be used on specific or a wide range of issues, and is particularly useful on global issues. Specific problems where the cause is known, but the event is felt too keenly to be addressed directly:

Physical problems. e.g., this headache, this pain in my shoulder, etc.
Emotional problems. e.g., phobias, anger at my boss, etc.
Problems that appear to be blocked and are resisting clearance using other methods.

Non-Specific or Global problems that seem too big, complex, vague or scary to address directly:
Listed below are some examples.

  • All the events that are behind a problem
  • Anxiety
  • Birth issues
  • Blocks to success
  • Bullying in school or in the workplace
  • Career Finances
  • Generational issues
  • Health issues
  • I’m not good enough
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Low moods and some forms of depression
  • Money worries
  • My family situation
  • Physical pain
  • Relationships
  • Resistance to letting go of a problem
  • Something terrible is going to happen
  • Writer's Block 


Can PTT be used with Children? 
Children love to use this technique because it's fun, it's an enjoyable way for them to express themselves, and they don't have to verbalize their issues. Children tend to be less inhibited about expressing their inner selves through drawing pictures.

What happens in a Picture Tapping Session?
You will choose a situation/issue with which to work, then draw a series of pictures of how that feels to you right now until you reach a resolution picture. Then you will be prompted to describe the picture you drew in terms of shapes, sizes, colours, and location on the paper while tapping on Acupressure points - the same ones that we use for Emotional Freedom Techniques work.

Do I need EFT coaching?

Everyone goes through difficult challenges in life. While you may have been able to cope with the challenges you’ve encountered, it’s always a good idea to seek extra support when you need it. In fact, when you realize you need a helping hand, you’re taking responsibility admirably by facing the challenges you encounter in life. EFT Coaching will give you long - term benefits and the tools you need to overcome whatever difficulties you encounter.


What happens during an EFT session?

EFT sessions may be different depending on the individual's goals and the needs of the person. Typically speaking, we will discuss the things that are currently happening in your life, things that happened in the past that are relevant to your issue, and review the gains we’ve had from the previous session.

There are over 100 clinical studies available on EFT and its effectiveness. It is not necessary to recall or tap on every painful episode of your life in order for you to feel relief. Once you have worked on an issue, numerous similar problems often miraculously lose their charge. Many clients report feeling lighter, happier, and more optimistic about their future. You will gain new knowledge, skills, and insights in your sessions.

How can EFT help me?
There are many benefits to participating in EFT sessions. I can provide support and help you find relief for issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, stress, emotional eating, cravings, procrastination and relationship problems. EFT sessions are extremely valuable in managing personal growth, relationships, and the many challenges faced in daily life. By applying EFT techniques, I can provide different perspectives on complicated problems or even guide you to a solution.


Will our conversations remain confidential?

Confidentiality is a key component during our sessions. What you discuss in a session will not be shared with anyone else. By law, I can’t release this information without your written consent, except in the following situations: I suspect there is past or present abuse or neglect of children, adults or elders. I suspect the client is in danger of harming themselves or has threatened to harm another person.